Cross reference in word not updating

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Cross reference in word not updating - sat1 dating

The “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word can be very useful, but sometimes it can produce unwanted results.

This will toggle “Track Changes” from on to off and vice versa.

If you were to highlight the above paragraph in Word, turned off “Track Changes” and hit “F9”, you would see the following result: Notice that the cross-references are no longer shown as changed, but that the sentences that were really added and deleted are still highlighted as differences. When Track Changes is turned off during the F9 update, it will not highlight Figure 5-1 as changing to Figure 5-2. In most cases, the people reviewing your document are looking for changes in the actual content and don’t really care if the figure number has changed, therefore, this should rarely be an issue.

If this is important to highlight this, then there is no easy solution for keeping the cross-references that are really unchanged as not highlighted while the ones that really did change are highlighted.

They could introduce side effects and bugs difficult to track.

In special mode, the connection should be disposed as fast as possible, encapsulanting in a In the Fill Data I don't see the connection closing.

This works in Excel 20 (just verified); I don't have 2016, can't check. I marked the UDF I am using as volatile [Excel Function(Is Volatile = true)] and now the timer callback via RTD automatically updates the worksheet without any manual user intervention.

See the Remarks here for a reference Let me say also, keeping all that vars around is not a good practice.

The cross-reference (or “field”) feature in Word for is useful in case a figure number, chapter number, etc changes.

This happens if you insert a new figure or chapter heading before an existing one – causing the numbering of the old figure/chapter to increase (also, if you delete a figure/chapter, the numbering may decrease).

I set calculation mode to automatic but when I enter "=Now()" inside a cell I do not see the time updating even when formatting is changed to show seconds. Even setting the cell format to General does not change that.

My problem is that even in Automatic calculation mode the cell does not automatically update which it should.

When updating your cross-references with “Track Changes” turned off, it will not remove the highlights for other changes that are not cross-references.