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today around 10% in the room where st8 .had a show of hands.dinks so my point and sad as it is, call the room want you like its will soon be like all the rest.

I think people just browse the rooms to find decent cams to watch and fun conversation, irrespective of the rooms name.

"great idea as the cuckhold scene is a lot bigger than most people think I think it's only a matter of time before more clubs start having specialist cuckold nights. X" Having been to one i found the dynamic a bit odd. Giving up control to a guy you only met 10 minutes ago doesn't work.

The English term ''Cuckoldism'' (candaulesimo in Italian, candaulismo in Spanish, candaulisme in French) indicates the practice or human fantasy of a sexual nature in which the subject (the so-called “Cuckold”) derives satisfaction from exposing the nakedness of the partner (the so-called “Hot Wife”) to the voyeurism of others.

The name comes from a story told by Herodotus in his Histories about Candaule (from which the term “candaulismo” derives), king of Lydia in the eighth century BC, who secretly showed his naked wife to his bodyguard Gyges.

Gyges would then move away from the room when the queen turned her back to him.

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Can we again please have a trial of a Cuckold Room rather than have both a USA room and Canadian room with zero viewers; here is the original post: would it be possible to have a room for cuckold's so we could chat with Bulls who enjoy satasfying the cuckolds wives, some of us enjoy watching our wifes having fun and it would be nice if there was a room available for chat and arranging meets even if you try this for a couple of weeks and see how busy it gets A 2 week trail maybe be good but i can see it going the same as the bi sex room...

A cuckolding room may work for a while but the genuine cuckolding cpls will soon find out that that it's full of wannabes and will stop using the room but good luck trying "I have read the above two posts and what would you rather have?

cu in the afternoon bi-room telling guys its a non-directing..connie xx "it could well be a case of where does the site draw the line , if they had rooms for cuckolds then folks might want a bbw room , a tv,ts,cd room , an interracial room etc etc . Exactly, it would open the floodgates for 'other' rooms. " a large proportion of this site is couples and though not all of those are cuckolds a lot are.

Some of which seeking interracial so no need for a separate room there.

Candaules, also known as Myrsilus, was the twenty-fifth King of Lydia, the twenty-second and last of the Heraclides dynasty.