Czech dating sex site

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Czech dating sex site

Rossig suggested his colleague might be interested in younger girls.The man said he could provide two girls of 9 and 11 for €180 Euros (about £120),and suggested the two men accompany him to an apartment.

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The pimp had told Rossig that there was "no problem" with the police in Cheb, and even the interior ministry in Prague do not see prostitution as a priority, according to Superintendent John Mottram, currently working as an advisor to the Czech govenrment on organised crime.At this point, Rossig decided to make his excuses and leave, but the pimp and his associates started to threaten him.Rossig and his colleague made a token payment and managed to sprint out of the bar.A German journalist, Rudiger Rossig, posed as a sex tourist for the programme, secretly recording his conversations.He didn't even need to go into one of the scores of brothels in the small town.She says in the past, there would be clear signals in houses where children were being offered -- a child's shoe in the window of an apartment for example.

But now that prostitution is more established, the customers seem to know exactly where to go.The town of Cheb in the Czech Republic is well known as a beautiful place, its old town square full of pastel-washed houses dating back to the eleventh century.But in recent years, it's gained a different reputation - as a centre for child prostitution.The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) uses cookie files to better tailor its website to user needs.By using the website you agree with storing of cookies on your computer, tablet, or a smartphone.American girls are more audacious and experimental!

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