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This series offers short, accessible books about medical conditions that affect the entire family.

Your day and future date don’t just happen to you — they’re what you of it. I’ve never met anyone who…” game Instead of judging your dates from a good vs. wrong perspective — “He’s shorter than I thought,” “She’s too serious” or “He wears such weird shoes” — assess them from a fresher, fuller point of view.

Silver reviews the causes and characteristics of chronic pain and explores its impact on individual family relationships and on the extended family, covering such issues as employment, parenting, childbearing and inheritance, and emotional health.

Silver treats aspects of chronic pain not covered in a typical office visit: how men and women differ in their experience of chronic pain, the effect of chronic pain on a toddler’s behavior or an older child’s performance in school, the risks of dependence on and addiction to pain medications, and practical ways for relatives beyond the immediate family circle to offer help and support to the person in pain.

And the lottery is the epitome of optimism, after all: you don’t play thinking you’ll lose; you play because you believe you actually have a chance at winning, just like in love.

You learn something new every day One day you might learn where to avoid a new pothole on the street, and another day, how adding lime can make even some non-Mexican beers taste better.

Maybe you want a serious relationship, or just a fun fling.

Or someone to fulfill that role of “activity partner” for a month while you suss out the romance potential. When you can say out loud what you want honestly, and without hesitation, your date will know you’re the real deal and you’ll feel better than ever about yourself.Psychologically, this is a kind of delayed gratification: You refuse to dwell on the moment because you have your mind set on the future instead.And if you make it to your “gripe” goal, your friends get to hear about funny bad dates that you can use for sympathy, laughs and a chance to recharge your batteries!Too often, with Parkinson’s disease, a loved one serves as medical interpreter, patient advocate, and caregiver.Nutan Sharma and Elaine Richman draw on the latest research and clinical practice techniques to offer valuable suggestions for managing patient care and, perhaps more important, for healing the family unit.Now, look at your dates from the same angle: What lessons are you learning from each and every person?

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