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The Music Zoo is a proud dealer of Danelectro Basses.

The guitar and bass each have their own alnico bar magnet pickup that’s wrapped in brown vinyl tape and covered with a surplus, chrome-plated lipstick tube.

Seyffert has used the guitar/bass combo in the studio with Norah Jones, Ryan Adams, Willoughby and countless other sessions.

Danelectro’s founder Nat Daniel incorporated some simplistic and efficient designs into the 3923, for instance, the instrument’s light body construction being able to withstand the extra string tension exerted by the doubleneck, and the stacked volume and tone controls.

The standard guitar portion of the instrument has a 24.75" scale with 21 frets while the 4-string bass’ short scale length measures 29.5" and has 15 frets.

Hardware includes a Bigsby tremolo, die-cast replicas of original “hat” knobs and “peanut” neck plate.

Add a zero fret and you won’t be able to put it down. He spends his free time with his pitbull Doozy, collecting tattoos, and trying his hand at being a hipster by gathering vinyl anywhere he can find it.He's one of the lone sports nuts on staff and cheers on the Cubs, Cowboys, and Michigan Wolverines.Oh yeah, he of course enjoys making noise on the guitar. I'm having a really hard time finding a straightforward review on this bass and the only demo I could find on youtube was a piece of crap.He runs the bass side through original Sunn 1200 and Sunn 2000 heads powering two 2x15 Sunn cabs, while he routes the 6-string signal through a 1970 Fender Deluxe Reverb modded to blackface specs.

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