Dating a clinically depressed person

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Dating a clinically depressed person - economist podcast not updating

And while things will be never be as smooth as with a completely healthy partner, here are a few tips to help you along when dating someone who is depressed.Find out more about it Depression is an affliction and like other such conditions, it needs prompt and correct diagnosis as well as treatment for a full cure.

Sometimes people simply get down when they cannot find anyone to share their thoughts and feelings.One moment they may be fine – loving and laughing with you and soon enough they may sink into depths of depression.At such times you may feel helpless and unable to understand what is going on.On one hand you may have to face rejection and negativity again and again from your partner and on the other there is no one to offer you support, understanding or even a indulge you a little.At such times, you may feel like bursting into tears and heading for a breakdown yourself.However many times depression is just a stage most of us pass through; these usually range from a couple of days to perhaps a few weeks and eventually the person is able to emerge from its shadows.

On the other hand, there may be some people who are chronically afflicted by depression or are less equipped than others to cope with a major loss like bereavement, divorce or unemployment.Learn as much as you can about the affliction in general and your partner’s condition in particular.Knowing about depression will help you to understand what your partner is going through and how you can best help him/her. Get to know your partner Perhaps the biggest challenge in a relationship with a depressed person comes with the unpredictability and inscrutability of their moods.Offer as much support as you can The depressed person is fighting his/her own demons and can use all the help they get, especially from the one they love.So let your partner know that he/she can depend upon your emotional support whenever they need it.Having a fulfilling romantic life requires effort at the best of times.