Dating a jewish boy

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Dating a jewish boy

(My husband, while we’re on the topic, can be counted on to make a complete mess even of the sections he skips.) But I know better than to spend my time picking apart the stereotypes in . Hello—it came out in 1978, and may have had about as long a shelf life as that which some of us secretly wish upon the engagement of Zach Braff to Mandy Moore.Instead, I’d rather spend my time picking apart the stereotypes in last year’s , which is not a book to be cast aside lightly.

I’m talking about the stereotypes: on the one hand, Jewish men are rarely presented in the media as particularly “normal,” likable guys; on the other, some women—yes, especially non-Jewish women—have a particular thing for Jewish men.term of Yiddish origin that has moved into English usage (as well as Polish and German), mostly in North American Jewish culture, as a term for a non-Jewish woman or girl.According to the Oxford Dictionary of English it came into English usage during the 19th century and is from the Yiddish “shikse” and from the Hebrew “šiqsāh” (from “šeqes” ‘detested thing’ the feminine suffix -āh).In short, these guys had pretty much nothing in common except that they were ultimately not right for me—and they were all Jewish.I always knew, just knew, that I wanted a Jewish family: to knock myself out preparing the Seder; to see my kids’ faces glowing in the Hanukkah candles.But I never liked a guy just because he was Jewish.

Even when I reached my 30s, the all-the-good-ones-are-gay-or-taken decade, there were always enough to choose from that I continued to see Jewish as a given, not a plus. ), but because there was something I liked about , starring our boyfriend, Robby Benson. ) Here’s where I’m going with this: I don’t mean to sound open-minded to the point of cluelessness, but I’ve never quite understood the fetishization of Jewish men.

I have no idea how the author managed to date and know so many Jews and yet still get so much wrong.

All she does is perpetuate and encourage stereotypes, instead of being practical and realistic.

Rather, to continue with the Dorothy Parker paraphrase, it should be hurled aside with great force.

“To find a Shiksa with a hilariously high-maintenance mixture of strength and prowess is an utter utopia for the libidinous Jew,” observes author Kristina Grish.

Including a list of conventions that would be highly attended by Jewish men (again, doctors, lawyers If I could give this .5 stars I would. Its a very easy read, and while I'll turn to other books to learn something more relevant about the culture, I guess this is a good guide for ladies who want to pretend to be something they aren't. As a Jew, I would not recommend this to any shiksa for reading.

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