Dating a virgin man

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It reminded her of the last time and she started to cry.

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It's hard to say how many of these women are actually waiting until marriage, but it's safe to assume that quite a few aren't.Everybody is saying "Look, this is what's going on. " At parties, especially college parties, conversations tend to revolve around sex, and about the last thing any virgin wants is for her sexuality to be the hot topic or, worse, to risk the chance that someone in the group will talk down to her, as if all she knows about sex is the birds and the bees. "I remember one of the guys saying, ' Man, if I was 24 and a virgin I think I'd go crazy.Laura, a virgin until she was 25, remembers parties where friends and strangers would trade personal sex stories. I think I'd die.' Then some other guy said, ' You know the Unabomber was a virgin," and I'm thinking, ' Oh my God, they think I'm going to turn into a sociopath because I haven't had sex at the age of 23.'" On the men's lifestyle Web site Ask, relationship correspondent Lawrence Mitchell wrote a column in 2002 called "Should You Date a Virgin?But most of those people are religious conservatives who are pretty much doing what they always did.The phenomenon of involuntary virgins, on the other hand, exists underground in liberal America, where sophisticated career women are supposed to have active sex lives and gyms offer pole dancing and stripping classes as a kind of aerobics."But that was the point when everything shifted." Some people may think Amanda is unique, maybe even a freak.

But the fact is, there are a surprising number of women -- smart, savvy and attractive women -- who still haven't lost their virginity into their 20s or 30s.

Mitchell's assessment rang true one recent night to a 37-year-old California editor, who found out that his very hot date, a lawyer with "bad girl's body," was still a virgin at 28. I thought it was some cosmic joke, a comedy of errors, that she hadn't lost her virginity.

They met at a party and left early so they could be alone at a bar. She thought it was tragic." He talked her through it and she thought they had a connection.

"If you must date a virgin, keep in mind" that in his opinion, "as soon as you invade her space so to speak, her emotions will intensify.

She will exact certain expectations on you, whether you know it or not." He goes on, "An obese thirty-something career woman virgin, for example, is not on the same level as a naäve [sic] 18-year-old virgin with a strict background who has never dated before," reinforcing the stereotype that there's something physically or psychologically wrong with a woman who is 30-something and still a virgin.

"No offense, but most people do that in high school," he told her.

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