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They've been spending time together for several years U. When asked if they kissed yet, she played coy: "That was never the intention to become romantic.It was to just join forces to be something important." After giggling, she added: "It was never the intention, but things happen for sure." Anderson's most revealing statement addressed marriage: "I always thought I'd make a good First Lady and if I had to pick a world leader to stand beside it would be Julian Assange." Despite Assange's current living situation, they see each other pretty often British press is fascinated by the curvy Playboy model's romance with the 6-foot-2, pale-skinned leader of the first "stateless news organization" – especially since Assange has been confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, where he has been avoiding extradition.

From there, things start looking familiar: Users can specify whether they’re seeking a friendship or romantic relationship, with men or women, and they can search via a handful of discovery settings, including age and disability type.“If someone is deaf and wants to connect with others who are also deaf, we made that possible,” Anderson said.As Glimmer continues to grow, Anderson is looking at strategic partnerships that can help propel the app and its mission.“Now that we are getting such a positive response, we have started speaking with investors, as well as accelerators and incubators,” he said.While they’re interviewing interns to assist with social media, marketing and design, the two founders are the only full-time employees.“It doesn’t exclude anyone else; it’s just built and designed to take into account that people with disabilities often have trouble disclosing these details on social and dating apps,” said Anderson, who has an MBA in marketing and communication from De Paul University.“We did our own research on the matter, speaking to hundreds of young men and women with disabilities, as well as their parents, at dozens of conferences and events over the years to see if there was desire for a product like this,” Anderson said, noting that it includes the non-disabled and is available on mobile.He plans to use a mix of targeted Facebook ads, outreach to organizations for people with disabilities, and attendance at conferences and events (think the Abilities Expo and Disability Pride Parade).

“By end of year, it’d be great to see the good results of our efforts here in Chicago, along with the responses we’ve gotten across the country,” he said.

It’s an idea that could have staying power, according to John Madigan, an industry research analyst with IBISWorld.“If you look at the behavior of the major players in this industry and what’s going on in the market, it’s really geared towards niche dating groups — people want to find a group they feel that they’re a part of,” Madigan said.

“That’s what’s great about this app — it’s speaking to an existing community that seems to want a service that the current market hasn’t been able to provide for them.” What happens when holiday break-ups, New Year's resolutions and Valentine's Day pressures collide?

Steve Anderson, who has cognitive disabilities, inspired his brother Geoff to create the app.

(Erin Hooley / Blue Sky) More than 4,500 dating service companies exist today, but for Chicago resident Geoff Anderson, it wasn’t enough.

Gotze hints at BVB return This could, of course, be an innocent dinner.

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