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Dating article submission - dating roseville pottery

Readers include teachers, family child care providers, child development program administrators, resource and referral counselors, early intervention specialists, elementary school principals, teacher educators, students, researchers, policy makers, and others.

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They use active voice (e.g., “The teacher planned…” rather than “Plans were made by the teacher…”) and clear language.

This makes the text easier and more enjoyable to read.

Cluster-topic articles Each issue features a group of articles that address different aspects of a topic.

more closely than any other known living organisms, but at the time it was a daring act to classify human beings within the same framework used for the rest of nature.

Linnaeus, concerned exclusively with similarities in bodily structure, faced only the problem of distinguishing extend the span of this species far back into time to include many anatomically distinctive fossils that others prefer to allocate to several different extinct species.

As flattering to the modern human ego as this picture may be, it is evidently quite wrong.

Instead, human evolution has been throughout its long history a matter of experimentation, with new species being constantly spawned and thrown into the ecological arena to compete and, more often than not, become extinct.

Human evolution, it appears, has consistently been a process of trial and error.

Historically, this process has been considered a more or less direct series of assumed improvements within a single lineage that eventually culminated in the burnished “perfection” of .

General articles typically include Please note: We are no longer asking authors to submit proposals for cluster articles.

Authors should submit complete articles (along with figures and photos, if possible).

Although cluster topics are decided on many months in advance (see below), in order to respond to topical issues and trends, the editors may change the publication date of a cluster from time to time.

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