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Other items were stamped with the Royal Copenhagen trademark. The clay has been modified using various production techniques and manufacturing methods.

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Using cobalt blue paint, a design is painted onto the unfired porcelain. After the first firing, the piece is glazed and then fired again.

The service allowed Bing and Grondahl to develop an international reputation.

In 1895, Bing and Grondahl released the first of its Christmas Plates.

The trademark was used with little variations but with different writings until 1970.

Afterwards their expression became more stylized with less ornamentation.

Throughout the early years of the 20th century, Bing and Grondahl experienced rapid growth. In 1925, Bing and Grondahl developed “soft porcelain” goods.

Soft porcelain was a variation of Bing and Grondahl’s stonewares.

Many of the company’s collectible lines are featured at Replacements.

Be sure to browse through our inventory of Christmas Plates, Mother’s Day Plates, and collectible figurines.

Bing and Grondahl’s porcelain collectibles are featured in the Buckingham Palace and the Royal Courts of Denmark, Sweden, and Great Britain.

Additionally, many of Bing and Grondahl’s collectible items can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The Bing brothers were successful businessmen in the city of Copenhagen.

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