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Phrobis III of Oceanside California was awarded the contract for the new US M9 MPBS (Multi-Purpose Bayonet System) in 1987.Phrobis III was primarily a research and development firm and did not have the manufacturing capabilities to produce the 315,600 bayonets the contract called for.

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For me, Buck knives are the only other knife steel I enjoy sharpening almost as much as 1095 HC (Esee!Even so, the 420HC offered from Buck is hard for a stainless steel and does offer good corrosion resistance, yet at a price.They are somewhat difficult to sharpen and NEVER will be carbon steel in terms of hardness, much less 1095.There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management They do an amazing job with their heat treat on that steel so it can be hard to sharpen.That is compared to 1095 but you will get better edge retention as well. I think the use will dictate the suggestions you get.For the really durable knives, Buck uses 5160 for a good reason.

The Vangaurd is US made, for a knife it is a fair value.

The two bayonets pictured with this article are from a group of less than 50 bayonets that were assembled from the component parts found in the factory. The blades, cross guards and pommels have been bead blasted. There is another mark on each of these bayonets in addition to the standard M9 markings.

It appears that there must have been some corrosion present on the cross guards and pommels, possibly the reason for the bead blasting, because the metal parts have a visible staining or darkening. One has an "H" and the other an "S" hand stamped, prior to blade heat treating, to the left side of the typical markings on the left ricasso. Joe Houser of Buck Knives that these marks represent "Hard" and "Soft".

Buck continued to manufacture the M9 through 1997 at which time their tooling was worn out and it did not make economic sense to replace it. was preparing to relocate their manufacturing facility from El Cajon, California to Post Falls, Idaho.

A small quantity of M9 bayonet parts was discovered during the process of cleaning out their California facility.

My only complaint is it is not as sharp from the factory as it should have been.

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