Dating costume jewelry

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The company designed and made jewelry for Trifari in 1986, and Kenneth J.Lane has been a designer for them since that same year.

They recently introduced the "2028" mark for pieces exclusively sold through Macy's.

The mark with the phrygian cap was used from 1937 to 1949 (and occasionally later when there wasn't room for the whole other mark). What started out as hobby jewelry making evolved into a company with more than 300 employees, with the name Carolee Designs, Inc. Chico's - The primary company, Chico's Fas, Inc., was started in 1983 and is incorporated in Florida. He died young, in 1957, and Yves Saint Laurent (at age 22! In the late 1940s jewelry sales became a major force in the company, along with couture clothing.

In the early 1930s, Boucher worked for another pair of famous designers, the Mazer brothers. Her designs for the Duke of Windsor and his wife led to the creation of her "Duchess of Windsor" line. It is a very large company (currently about 11,000 employees) with the main business being stores dealing in women's apparel, along with accessories such as jewelry, belts and purses. After much turmoil in the 1980s, an investor group let by Bernard Arnault acquired the company and drove it to become a luxury powerhouse, which it remains today.

(Stewart also started the Emmons Company, which like this one sold through direct selling.) The jewelry was sold exclusively on the Home Shopping Network in 2002, then went back to the home party plan in 2003. To see my Sarah Coventry jewelry, click Sarah Coventry. They are known for high-quality sterling pieces (especially the "Vittorio" line) and are currently seen in high-end department stores. Originally founded by Daniel Kasoff in 1937 and called the Dan Kosoff Company NY, he changed the name to Florenza in 1950 when his son, Dan, joined the company. Gerry's - Geraldine Giles started Gerry's Creations in the 1950s, and is believed to have stopped in about 1996.

They are one of the few remaining privately owned jewelry manufacturing companies. Dauplaise, Carol - In business from about 1978 to the present. (The son's wife's name is Florence.) Much of the jewelry has a Victorian style. Many of her pieces have enamel and rhinestones, and she is especially known for her figural pins and Christmas tree brooches. Givenchy - Business was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy (b.

The company is one of the few remaining privately held jewelry manufacturers. Alpaca - A silver-colored metal that is actually not silver, but is a mixture of copper, zinc, nickel and only about 2% silver. ART - The actual name of this New York company was Art Mode Jewelry Creations, Inc.

To see my 1928 Jewelry, click 1928 Company AAi - AAi began in 1971 as Femic, Inc and became Accessories Assoc. The company was acquired by FGX International in 2008 (a BVI company which kept the jewelry-making operations in Rhode Island). (and also seen as Mode Art), though the marks read "Art." Arthur Pepper started the company, which produced jewelry from the 1940s through the 1970s.Marcel died in 1964, and his wife Sandra (a fine designer in her own right, who had earlier worked for Tiffany) ran the company until 1970, when she sold it to Irving Ornstein, a co-owner of Davorn Industries. To see my Carolee jewelry, click here Celebrity - Though not a lot is known about this company, Celebrity jewelry was sold through home parties, probably from the mid-50s to the early 70s, from a company located in Brooklyn, NY. Chico's jewelry products are very interesting and contemporary, but I am uncertain if they have others manufacture the items or do it in-house. Christian Dior - Christian Dior was born in 1905 in France, and led an interesting life before starting his own clothing line in 1946. To see my Christian Dior jewelry, click Christian Dior.In 1979, the business was sold again, to D'Orlan Industries. Ciner - Business started in 1892 by Emanuel Ciner to make fine jewelry. Through the years this company has used many different trade names (about 80 of them!A legend exists that the name "costume jewelry" came about when Florenz Ziegfield (Ziegfield Follies) used the term to describe Hobé's jewelry.Because the items made were such high quality, much of it found today remains in excellent condition. To see my Hobé jewelry, click here Hollycraft - 1938-1971. Known for pastel colored rhinestones and combinations.Generally this jewelry features high quality Austrian Swarovski Company crystals (a company founded in 1891) and are also often enameled. Avery, James - In business since 1954, the company is located in Kerrville, TX.

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