Dating eurogroup

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Dating eurogroup - cement dating

He also hinted that the ECB could cut borrowing costs again, saying there was "no taboo" on interest rates.Update: Mario Draghi also indicated that eurozone interest rates could be cut again.

The other issues on the table are the details of Spain's banking sector bail-out, whether to change Ireland's earlier bank bail-out in response, and Greece's compliance with its financial programme.And, like Germany this morning, investors were prepared to accept negative yields on some bonds – accepting a loss in return for holding such safe debt.The French treasury sold 50-week bills at a historic low (according to Reuters) of 0.013%.But he has run into controversy since he said in an interview last week that southern European countries blew their money on "drinks and women".Southern Europeans reacted strongly, with Portugal's prime minister and former Italian premier Matteo Renzi calling for Dijsselbloem, who is also Dutch finance minister, to step down.It also sold 13-week bills at a yield of -0.005%, and 6-month bills at -0.006%.

Another sign of investors valuing security over profitability.

Under questioning at the European Parliament (see 2.02pm and 2.34pm), he said: The word from Brussels today is that Spain is about to be granted another year's grace to hit its deficit targets.

An announcement could come as early as Tuesday, when finance ministers from all EU countries meet in Brussels (tonight's gathering is just for euro members).

His job was already up in the air after his party lost out in elections in The Netherlands earlier this month.

His mandate as head of the Eurogroup lasts until January 2018.

They have also taken important steps towards restoring the stability of the financial system.

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