Dating nerves

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He said this was called degenerative disc disease, something that tended to develop with age.He also thought my condition might not get much worse, so it was best to try to deal only with the pain.

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Because that treatment went well, I had the surgery a month later.

It's when pain persists or increases after six months - or when it starts radiating down the leg - that doctors become concerned.

A slipped disc is often suspected in patients with unremitting lower back pain.

To see if it would work, I had to have pain-blocking injections of local anaesthetic and steroids.

If this lessened the pain, I had a good chance of responding to radiofrequency.

The pain ran from my lower back to my right foot - and it was so awful my wife called an ambulance.

The paramedics gave me Valium as a muscle relaxant and the painkiller Tramadol.

But the next morning I woke up with absolutely no pain and it was wonderful.

Dr Rajesh Munglani is a consultant in pain medicine at the Spire Lea Hospital, Cambridge. We have an epidemic of lower back pain and our modern, sedentary lifestyles are the underlying cause.

It sounded great, so I agreed to have it straight away.

The first part - they treat one side at a time - was scheduled for the following month and the other side a month after that.

He referred me to Dr Rajesh Munglani, a pain management consultant.

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