Dating rosita

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Dating rosita

However, not everything from the comic book series comes to fruition on the TV series.Actress Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita on the“We talk about all the [comic] storylines on set like little kids getting fascinated to see where the show is going to go and what’s going to happen.

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We have no idea what’s going to happen on the show. I didn't know it at the time, he'd lost his wife and kids recently. I know you were lying to us, you didn't know if he'd help you if he knew you weren't really a scientist... He was a good man." Rosita Espinosa is a main character first encountered in Issue 53 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He protected me--both of us, not because of what we could do for him, but because he was a good man.Now that Abraham is dead and gone, fans are wondering if the couple will hook up on the television show as well.While nothing has been confirmed, Rosita and Eugene have a bond that started with Abraham.Rosita's stronger emotional stability is mostly evident by her displays of empathy during the group's many horrific experiences, such as the heartbreaking incident with Billy and Ben, and Dale's death and burial.

She is shown to keep her own side-arms when scouting the forest with Abraham, and may have some combat experience gained from her time in Abraham's company. Once the group eventually reach the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rosita learns Abraham never loved her and leaves her for another girl. She is a survivor who traveled alongside Abraham Ford, whom she was in a relationship with, and Eugene Porter, before coming across Rick Grimes' group and joining up with them.Rosita's character and role is mostly explored in relation to her romantic relationship with Abraham.She is shown as capable of taking care of Abraham's emotional instabilities, yet has openly expressed disagreement when he speaks without care for the other survivor's problems.The few instances where she is featured has revealed parts of her personality at a time.