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However, based on what I saw on Youtube, my most favourite would be Irene Saez. I could not understand how the judges have been giving her high marks especially her gown! In a way, there was no other option but her on that Top 5. Oh well, it may have been fashionable at that time, and she won it, so who am I to question. Americans love their tits and ass as much as the rest of the world but we stay classy about it. If I am not mistaken the US preliminary is Mrs US Universal. I still think she should have advanced further than she did at MISS USA.

1980 Shawn Weatherly, USA 1981 Irene Saez, Venezuela 1982 Karen Baldwin, Canada 1983 Lorraine Downes, New Zealand 1984 Yvonne Ryding, Sweden 1985 Deborah Carthy-Deu, Puerto Rico 1986 Barbara Palacios, Venezuela 1987 Cecilia Bolocco, Chile 1988 Porntip Nakhirunkanok, Thailand 1989 Angela Visser, Holland [ Post a Reply to This Message ]Comparing a 16 million country to one that has 323 million people is like comparing apples to oranges.did not know exactly what they were looking for,e xcept for diversity. I remember her appearing on Regis shortly after winning and she walked out and they had one of the Baldwin brothers as a co-host. Her deep voice, and complete command of the english language. (NT) -- pageant pearl, 08/27/17 Sun Wendy is pretty much like Sushmita.(NT) -- Hawt Plus Seksi, 08/27/17 Sun OMG, I totally disagree. The more they open their mouth the more beautiful they are. (NT) -- Though I like Miriam Q, Mpule's win was still deserving, 08/27/17 Sun I get your point of view, I can see why people would perceive her as great winner.Oxana Fedorova comes to win, this gurl was topping all the polls and she was in a tough year with Vanessa Mendoza and Ruth Ocumarez.The was a Miss Universe that was the best received on message boards... And it is understandable Lara Dutta was liked BUT while popular, people were not crazy about her facial beauty.Shandi wants to win, Jennifer wants Shandi by how it looks. In the end, I am glad JHAWK won, I do not think Shandi winning would have did anything more than Olivia winning in 2012 (except decrease the time when we won Universe).

It was endearing when her facial language says "I can't believe they choose me". Shandi was a gorgeous barbie doll but the chameleon wins! , 08/27/17 Sun Although I like Alyssa a lot (especially her personality), I thought she was way too thin even at Miss USA. (NT) -- Vegas, 08/27/17 Sun No kiddig with Olivia Jordan - she only won because others f* up, and still it's a mystery what she was doing in the top 5 at all. Just look at her picture with Nia/Pia/Kira/Iris., 08/29/17 Tue I would say THIS For Miss USA, Shandi Finnessey is the clearest winner ever.

After many favs got eliminated, Shandi was the clear winner but most of us agree that it could have went either way.

(NT) -- Vegas, 08/27/17 Sun Shandi's overt confidence was the breaking point, Jennifer was more care-free.

(NT) -- Vegas, 08/27/17 Sun I thought that was a very strong year. Actually, Oxana was probably my least favorite of the Top 10 and I just couldn't get with the bedsheet gown, but I know many people consider her one of the most beautiful Miss Universes of all time, so she probably does belong among the most agreed-upon winners.

-- Old timer, 08/27/17 Sun JHAWK was not the clear winner prior to Universe, even on finals night.

The extreme liberalism gave NL a huge and growing Muslim population, I am not sure gays feel comfortable any longer, in fact homophobic attacks are more present than ever.

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