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Dating site zodiac signs - chelsea young dating

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... What we learn in life and what we let ourselves become. Don't MOST people "find themselves" when they are in their mid-life stage? I always parted with my Leo ex-boyfriends with great dignity.

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I find that i often have the same values and life goals with fellow Caps, and am able to build something solid (my late husband was a Cap, and the man i am with now in a LTR is a Cap, and the sex is great, communication and mutual respect is great, and the desire is there on both sides to build a family life together)I have dated a few Gemini's as short term relationships, and i find them really fun and intruguing, and they brought me out of my shell a bit.Leos are suppose to be one of the most loyal partners, which makes no sense for her to cheat. I am a Leo and I am one of the biggest sweethearts you will ever meet, and have discovered more about myself then I could ever imagine, but thats life experiences. I do show a lot of signs of a Leo, but I am also calm, level headed, and compassionate, which is unlike my sign.Its one thing to have some similarities in Zodiac signs, but it doesnt make a person who they are.Never lasted on the long term with a gemini, but i have noticed myself being attratced to geminis throughout my life, even though we are ultimately not compatible.I seem to attract my share of Cancers, but i find them ultra annoying and feel like they are too much drama. Amazing, thoughtful, caring, very deep, kindred spirit type friendships.Do enough stat research you'll see a lot of signs equal close in percentage.

Yeah Rain, I'm a Taurus as well, You Haters Better Recognize!! I am Stubborn ( I will not change for no one unless I feel I want to make that change 4 myself ), but Patient, Aggressive when pushed to the edge ( really takes a lot to get me there ), Sexual, Caring. Probably because I'm a nutcase and I'm okay with that.Good God; are people still living their lives on astrological signs? The day my parents slept together to conceive me, has nothing to do with if I'm a good lover, a good guy, independent, and now divorced? I am left-handed, under 6'2, born before midnight and a cancer to boot. My closest friends are Taurus and a Taurus broke my heart and did the Mexican hat dance on it. Combined they have 9 divorces between them and not one of them has made any apologies about jumping to someone else right away or once things get a little rough. One that is still convinced there is noone more important then him.I also contribute that to me having a tumor and going through that experience. I'm a Taurean and other then the stubborn bullheaded part it's all a bunch of poop.It had made me think life it too short for this crap. I am a mix of every sign from fiery, laid back, and earthy to adventurous, water loving and I've had three of those so called mid-life crises (no cheating.) been married twice - a Leo and Gemini.But, once my Libra rising nature of balancing comes into play, I weigh logic and science against fantasy, antecdotal stories, the deep desire to find meaning in one's life, and the refusal to acknowledge reality. Nature and nurture are the forces that influence our lives, not a discredited belief that belongs in children's books.