Dating skills reviewed

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Dating skills reviewed - Java sex chat sites

How To Handle Her In bed, the Aries woman will often enjoy initiating the lovemaking, much to your delight. Sexually, she will be creative and even humorous, and her sense of adventure will lead her to try many things.

At the same time, the Aries man is highly protective of his lover, being quite willing to fight (literally or figuratively) for her, and this is a big part of his appeal. If you`re not "in the mood" he might take the slightest rejection quite hard.Be prepared for her open demonstrations of her love for you!If you would rather choose something for her that is a bit more sexy, get her a short satin wrap robe with matching demi-bra and tiny thong panties, in her favorite color, bright red.If you are giving her perfume, choose a fragrance that has depth and character--it could have a hint of spice or be a new, modern blen d.(One thing is certain, your grandmother`s sweet rose or lily of the valley just isn`t her style).Aries rules the head, and a bad hair day is no joke for our girl.

Having her hair just right gives her increased self confidence, and by giving her a chic new look, she`s apt to be delighted.

Another idea would be to give her a gift certificate for a new hairstyle by a famous hairdresser she`s read about in her favorite fashion magazine.

A fine imported hairbrush would be a good gift idea too.

Some Aries men have a roving eye, which is not an attractive quality, so to keep him playing in his own back yard, keep your body sleek, your lingerie sexy (a few skimpy pieces in his favorite color, red, would be a good idea) and the lights low (candlelight is perfect--Aries rules fire).

Most of all, keep him guessing because he loves the thrill of the chase. Cook him a spicy dinner, perhaps something Tex Mex--or--just tease him by putting a jalapeno pepper in your mouth and dare him to bite it gently (a la 9 1/2 Weeks).

Aries is a fire sign and therefore quite imaginative, born to lead rather than to follow.

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