Dating someone in a biker gang

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Dating someone in a biker gang - Apps videochat xxx android

Don't ask any questions or make any comments on how "this isn't what happens on Sons of Anarchy" or "on Sons of Anarchy they did this and that" leave that shit at home because that's only a television show, it's for entertainment, this is life.

No, not for the other guys at the event but for MY man.His club are his brothers they come a majority of the time before you (sorry, you chose a biker) so if he's telling club secrets he can just a easily tell your secrets. What did you think he got the bike because it looked pretty in his garage? You nagging him to come home, texting and calling every half an hour WILL NOT make him run home to you.My suggestion, take a sexy selfie, a picture of food and beer, and send him a text saying "this is waiting for you when you get home" After a long ride your man wants exactly what you just pictured, food, beer, and sex!If your man is going with his club and you're driving make sure you arrive at the same time as your man.Or wait in the car until your man gets there, the last thing you want is to be inside of the event, having someone hitting on you and your man walking in. You might be talking to someone who is problematic to your man's club.As much as it's hard for some women to do what they are being told especially by a man, this is one of those situations to shut the hell up as do it. Being new to what your seeing, I'm sure you have a million and one questions, that's fine.

It's good that you have an interest in your new man's interest and life, but save the questions for the ride home or when the two of you are alone.

But remember not everyone in his club or the guys who come to these events are in a relationship.

And even if you know a few who are in a relationship, shut the hell up, you didn't see anything, and it's none of your business. My suggestion is sit back and enjoy the view like everyone else.

Of course if it's an emergency than by all means call.

I usually ask that my man send me a text every once in a while so I know he's ok and I don't worry as bad.

Church, goes back to the rules, structure, and hierarchy I mentioned earlier. NEVER ask what goes on in these meetings because Club business is Club business period.

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