Dating technology age

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Dating technology age

) of looking for love and maintaining healthy relationships in the era of technology.From May 20 - June 2, 2013, we used Survey Monkey to poll 469 Your Tango readers to see just what your digital dating habits are, anyway. According to our Dating In the Digital Age 2013 survey, about 95% of you have hit up Facebook looking for dates! And real love is where it's at: 63% of you said you've joined dating sites looking for something serious.

And what counts for “news” these days is often not much more than talk about the relationship travails of one celebrity or another.

Here's something to retweet: 95% of Your Tango readers have used Facebook to land dates!

Instagram, 'selfies', sexting, dating websites — we can't decide whether technology has complicated our love lives or made them more convenient (or both? But one thing's for sure, we could talk about the topic for days — make that two weeks, to be exact!

While 86% of respondents claim to represent themselves accurately online, the most common little white lies include posting an old profile picture and misrepresenting their weight.

What's more, although 5% report seeking casual sex from dating sites, 43% report sexting their dates and a shocking one-third send nude digital photos."Interestingly, despite the innumerable digital ways to find love, most people prefer the old-fashion way! "Respondents report the best places to find great dates are through social activities; followed by getting set up by friends or family.

LOL Getting out and regaining a life outside of work would be another thing on my list but hey, that’s for another day. Do we put ourselves out there and just say whatever comes to our mind, because we know that the person who is ‘out there’ on the other end of the keyboard is someone we may never meet?

Tonight I was thinking how technology has actually changed things in the dating world. Or do we hold back because we think that the other person may be lying or making things up…..embellishment goes both ways too, unfortunately. Then he calls again to tell me that it will be another 30 minutes. A further call to say that it’ll only be another 15 minutes. When he tried to split the bill for the ice cream, I kept my hands in my pocket and politely looked at him as if to say, ‘are you crazy’?So what does one really do with all this information?And are you projecting the real you or some image that’s a bit fake?Prior to the internet the search for dating advice was a bit limited.Advice columns in magazines and newspapers applied to a very broad audience, and in all likelihood didn’t answer your personal question.So we keep looking for that elusive key to success, that special little thing that everyone else seems to have and we don’t.

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