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The Vegaphone line was essentially a long-scale Tubaphone with a resonator, and the Soloist was the second model in a 4-banjo line. Hardware is original and complete except for one Oettinger tailpiece tension screw is a period replacement and one of the tuner grommets is missing.

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A good playing example of one of the finest "Industry Standard" Orchestra tenor banjos from the 1920's. The frets are well worn but still quite playable, the fingerboard and engraved inlay well preserved.

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When traders brought African slaves to America, the slaves brought their own music—and musical instruments—with them. With a body made from a gourd, the banjo was first reported in 1620 by the captain of a ship on the Gambia River.

Dating back to 1906, and still prized today, this all brass tone ring is hand made in the Deering factory.

A spun brass outer shell, and square tubular inner ring with round sound holes, these components create a light weight tone ring with a warm, round, vibrant tone.

The banjo is heavy due to its all metal pot construction, hardware is nickel plated in excellent condition.

I have given the banjo a full service setup including fret dressing, head torque tonal tuning, action set, nickel and wood polish. Bowley Barnes started “The Jo”, their famous musical instrument journal.

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Vegaphone Professional On Sale Maple, Tubaphone tonering, pie crust resonator, four piece flange, original tuners and tailpiece.

This tone ring design has been a favorite of great dixieland players, resembles the holy grail for the old time banjoists, and had it's big revival in the folk era with Pete Seeger and the Kingston Trio in the Vega Long Necks.

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