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About Pride Films and Plays Pride Films and Plays fosters excellence in writing for the stage and screen with LGBT themes by linking an international network of writers to our Artistic Ensemble in Chicago and professionals working in the field internationally.

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Dress – Coffee Talk, Episode 3 Writer/Director: Matthew Wrobel Chris can’t understand why some guys dress so feminine until his college buddy Alex reveals a personal secret.

PFP’s fully staged productions include reinvigorated classics, Chicago premieres, and world premieres of scripts that have been developed in the contests.

The 2011 Great Gay Play Contest winner, Learn To Be Latina by Enrique Urueta, has had multiple regional productions, and the 2012 winner At The Flash by Sean Chandler and David Leeper was Jeff-recommended in Chicago and recently concluded a successful run in Los Angeles.

​I guarantee there is less than 1% of you who can hold this pose for any length of time.

Those of you who are competitive atheletes or perform manual labor for a living: consider the kind of physical stamina it takes to dance - sexily - for six to eight hours at a time wearing absurdly-high heels, in a noisy club surrounded by men in various stages of sexual arousal - most of whom are well-behaved, but a few who are grabby/disrespectful of boundaries.

PFP’s contests – the Great Gay Play Contest, Women’s Work (for works by women with lesbian characters or themes) and the Great Gay Screenplay Contest – reach their conclusion during Festival Weekends of readings and workshops sponsored by Center on Halsted.

Writers from around the world have worked with PFP’s Artistic Ensemble in extensive rehearsals and performances of “enhanced staged readings” which include movement, blocking, and technical elements.

Thank you for getting her liquored up on your American Express Black card, and participating in our little scenario.

I hope you enjoy rubbing one out thinking about her that night.

My safe word is 'banana.'" "I'll agree to a threesome, but the other girl can't kiss you on the mouth." "I will never participate in under any circumstances" etc, etc.

One of the most memorable games/fantasies an ex-girlfriend and I engaged in, was where she would get vamped up a form-fitting business suit/skirt ensemble, and go to a high-end bar alone.

Hypocrites Strippers (USA and Pakistan, 1 minute 33 seconds) Writer/Director: Kim Yaged Based on Yaged’s hilarious one-person show, which follows the story of a feminist who keeps dating strippers, “Hypocrites Strippers” is a serious comedy about selling sex and selling out. – Coffee Talk, Episode 4 Writer: Travis Myles Director: Le Wang College student Michael can’t believe that his dad has just come out to him as gay, while his buddy Brad met a great new guy last night, who’s quite a bit older but so cute.

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