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Havok's dark hair was slicked back into a headband and was wearing a black zip-up jacket with an asymmetrical collar. With high cheekbones and a cut glass jaw line, he was handsome in a feline-esque way congruent to the natural grace and charisma he disseminated onstage. DH: Yeah, I read fiction and nonfiction - I'm reading Eating Animals right now for the first time. Puget was in one of the Joy Division shirts that he was perpetually fond of. But you probably know more about the Bay Area music scene than I would. JP: I mean I haven't lived in the Bay in 10 years almost. I mean that's typically the type of nonfiction I read for the most part or I'll read. You know, I read John Taylor's book recently which was really great.

Hands folded on his lap and looking relaxed and observant, Puget's placid nature was apparent and helped me relax because those 14 year-old crushes were coming back really fast. I don't know if you listen to White Fence - fronted by Tim Presley, who was in Nerve Agents, you guys used to play with them. We were already off on good footing, judging by their happy, "Oh wow, thank yous! Fog and clouds are pretty conducive to writing, I think. You can't write when it's fun and sunny and happy outside! " Vegan cupcakes are always a good way to start an interview. You've all relocated from Oakland to LA with the exception of Adam who remains in the Bay Area. Twenty-two years of poetic lyrics and beautiful music have been a lattice of emotions and a steady, incendiary rise up. DH: Alan and I met because he was a concert poster artist in San Francisco. Can we expect in the future for past footage to be released or future shows to be filmed? Other than that, I think that would just be all like, amateur footage. Burials, the ninth and latest album released in late October '13, has been long-awaited. I was familiar with his work because he did posters for Bauhaus and the Damned. Years ago we heard that stuff like Sing the Sorrow footage was going to be put out on DVD. DH: Yeah, there's not really much use of a DVD these days anymore with You Tube. AFI are hometown legends who have inspired and influenced beyond the realm of the Nor Cal punk scene. Now, he came across as articulate, engaged and quite open.

I grew up with their music, as did many of the kids that I knew. Havok was surprisingly soft spoken and would look to Puget very often as he talked.Like a good rock and roll story, the story of AFI began in Ukiah in 1991, when frontman Davey Havok and his best friend Adam Carson (drummer), founded an inchoate hardcore punk band with Mark Stopholese (guitar) and bassist, Vic Chalker during their high school days. That's really cool that you guys decided to come back there after such a long time. He was still charming and his eyes had lit up on the topic of art, but I was struck seeing a shyer side of him that I could not recall years ago.After putting out a few EPs, their first full album came out in 1995, called Answer That and Stay Fashionable. JP: I remember playing there but I can't specifically. When I think of the Phoenix I think of going there as a kid. I went there so many times as a kid seeing important shows that those are the ones that are really important in my mind. Later that night I would learn that he we was ill yet was able to deliver an outstanding performance."Hello," was the first thing I said, returned with (multiple) "Hello" back. Him and I kinda talked about the change from hardcore and punk to garage and psych going on right now. I've been listening to them quite a bit lately actually. I had looked for flowers earlier, but instead had come across something better: vegan cupcakes, knowing their affinity for the treats. The lineup of AFI as we know it now came in 1998 with Jade Puget joining on guitar, solidifying their distinguishable sound. JP: But you know, when you're touring, like when you're the support band - a lot of the times, on the last night of the tour, they'll prank you. DH: Green Day came out - they came out dressed as plushies during our set one night in 2010. What was it like to take the stage again where it was where you decided to stay AFI onwards? I was really happy to see the playful, humorous side of them that I had hoped to see.

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