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Boulder Police did not initiate any criminal charges at the conclusion of the investigation.

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Our district remains committed to this important work.” Andresen says racial slurs around Boulder High aren’t that uncommon.

“Ninety-five percent of the kids here definitely yell out slurs and jokingly say racist things,” Andresen said.

Although many have tried to duplicate the secret process of PHatea® production, none have proved successful because if even just one of the 32 steps is incorrect, the final product will not result in the color, flavor, value and health benefits of true PHatea®.

The entire process starts with a special quality camellia sinensis, the hardy, large tea leaves from the Hunan Province which are freshly cut and collected.

Boulder police say there was not enough evidence to support criminal action against the 15 students involved.

In a statement to CBS4, the department said: “As offensive and repugnant as the online conversation was, the law does not allow for criminal charges simply because we disagree with the content.

Boulder police say the students from six schools in the area, including Boulder Prep and Boulder High School, openly discussed executing Jews and African Americans in what they called the “4th Reich’s Official Group Chat” on Facebook.

“I think they were just joking around and took it too far,” says Boulder High student Hailey Andresen.

The first step from here is to perform a process called “kill green” or “cooking” which is low heat applied to the leaves to deactivate the oxidation enzymes triggered by removal of the leaf from the live plant.

This deactivation stops the natural oxidation process of the leaf, the process we know more commonly as the “browning” which occurs for example, when an apple has been cut in half and begins to turn brown.

Öffentliche Angebote wie der Yoga-Tag oder an die Akrobatikshow im Rahmen des Uni-Sommerfests stehen auch interessierten Gästen offen.

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