Did emily vancamp dating dave annable

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Did emily vancamp dating dave annable - capital radio dating

Even though DNA testing proved that she and Justin are not related, there’s no getting around the yucky whiff of incest.If there had been more time to set up the de-Walkering of Rebecca and get the audience used to the idea of Rebecca and Justin as a couple, that may have alleviate some of the negative reactions to the pairings.

First, back when Dave Annable (Justin) was dating Emily Van Camp, who played his onscreen sibling Rebecca, they made it so their characters were no longer related so they could hook them up on the show.

"We love to play the board game Settlers of Catan," Odette, 29, tells Us.

"That's how nerdy we are." Us broke news four years ago that the couple tied the knot in an intimate Ojai, Calif., ceremony.

It’s obvious that the actors who play Justin and Rebecca, Dave Annable and Emily Van Camp (pictured at right), have good chemistry on screen and probably work better as a couple than as half-siblings.

Sure, there’s an “ick” element to idea of those two as a couple.

, the 25-year-old actress reveals her biggest dating turn-off.

"I'll tell you one thing I don't want," she says.The weak link for me these days is the story line involving Kitty Walker’s attempts to get pregnant.She and her husband seem to be sealed off into a different plot and I don’t much care about how all of that works out."But you know, to all of a sudden have photographers snapping photos of you, it's a big change.You know, I see pictures of myself I had no idea were being taken.It's important to me that a man is good at taking care of people." Though she's often photographed holding hands and going on dates with Bowman, 24, Van Camp still isn't used to dating in the public eye.