Dinner dating tv show

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Though it never achieved great commercial success, the show received consistent critical acclaim and became a cult favourite.In September 2013, Channel 4 announced that the show's ninth series would be its last.

Jeremy remembers having oral sex with Super Hans (Matt King) during a drug binge.

He briefly appears to be having some success with his music career with Super Hans. He later falls for a nervous, attractive student in a shop and makes an ill-judged visit to his old university, at which she is a student.

Mark finds out from Jez that Jeff has been cheating on Sophie, and Mark informs Sophie of that, after which Sophie ends the relationship.

Jeremy runs out of money and goes on a mini crime spree stealing from Johnson's credit card and is temporarily evicted by Mark.

Jez asks Big Suze if he can stay with her and Johnson, but is turned down.

The tables turn once more at the end of the series when Jeremy admits to Nancy — now his wife (for visa documentation) — that he cheated on her with Toni, leaving their marriage a husk. Series 3 sees Big Suze (Sophie Winkleman) re-enter Jeremy's life.

Meanwhile, Mark and Sophie have finally become a couple, but Mark is left alone once again when their employer relocates her to Bristol.

He asks out the new IT girl, Dobby (Isy Suttie), although the date ends badly when they find a vomiting Sophie in the toilets.

Dobby remains interested, even when Mark is forced to reject her offer to be his date at his upcoming birthday party as he takes an Australian he met while speed dating.

Jeremy finds some highly paid work as a handyman for 'The Orgazoid', one of his musical heroes - but discovers that his new employer expects Jeremy to give him "a hand".

Mark and Jeremy spend a weekend on a canal boat for Mark's stag do, where Mark meets a businessman with contacts in India and attempts to secure a job there as a means of escaping his impending wedding.

Much of series 5 revolves around Mark's search for "the one".