Dino morea and bipasha basu dating

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Bipasha Basu has two sisters, Bidisha and Bijoyeta.Bipasha is the middle sister and is extremely close to her sisters.

She fondly recalled in an interview, how she used to sleep cuddled close next to her elder sister and how she would yell if her didi even moved away slightly.

Both Anitej and John had bonded well over their common alma mater.

Bipasha Basu has been in a series of high profile romantic relationships right from her modeling days.

Yes Harman n Me r a couple 🙂 Finally I have met a person who is a far better human being than I am.

Blessed ” Apparently, their parents have met and have given their blessings to their union.

Bipasha has led a very independent life since her modelling days at a young age and she is grateful to her dad for having faith in her and her choices in life.

Bipasha wants her married life to be like that of her very-much-in-love and happily married parents and finds it cute to see her father continuously snapping her mother’s pictures and using them as his screensaver. It is obvious to see Bipasha’s love for her parents in the various pictures she shares with her fans.Mumbai Mirror reports that it was like a reunion of old friends when Dino walked into the restaurant where Bipasha and beau Karan were dining.While onlookers waited with bated breath to see what would transpire, the trio proceeded to chat amiably.In fact, while leaving the deli, Dino jokingly told Karan, "Let me know if I should send some clothes over," since the latter was wearing a vest.Bipasha and Dino dated from 1996 to 2002, and reportedly parted ways after starring in Raaz together.Bipasha’s beautiful mom even made a debut on the ramp thanks to her proud daughter, Bipasha.