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Seduction can begin weeks before over text, and lead right up to a teasing moment of foreplay, stating your designs on your partner’s body.

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In sex as in the rest of life, everyone loves to be flattered.

The language of the body can be one of affirmation as well as erotic possibility.

Anatomical language is very gendered, so being able to choose what words you prefer to describe your body, and letting your partners know this is how you prefer to be described, can be a wonderful expression of freedom.

From current trends in sexting and video chat to not-too-distant-future ideas like virtual reality sex and artificially intelligent robot girlfriends, we have the power to harness tech for connection instead of alienation.

All we have to do is stay grounded in the needs that make us human.

” is a different sort of request than “I want to caress you.” Compliments also go nicely with verbs; “I love the way you suck on me” is a great motivator to get exactly the kind of sucking you want, while "Nobody makes me gush like you do" is a perfectly filthy expression of tenderness.

The students in my dirty talk classes always tell me their biggest hurdle to successful erotic communication is the fact that their minds go blank in the heat of the moment.

One of the most loathsome critiques of consent culture is that explicit consent takes the thrill out of seduction.

My counter-critique: you’re obviously not doing it right!

Here are 11 tips I’ve learned for developing your own personal dirty talk style.

One of the fundamentals of dirty talk is understanding how you like to describe your physicality to yourself and to your partners.

So think about what words make you feel great about your sexuality.

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    We believe that you attract the energy you send out.