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Contract or cooperate with noncharter public schools for service for students with special needs, English language learner students and other specialized populations, as well as for mutually agreed administrative services; Contract with an education service provider for a limited scope of education services and resources related to the management and operation of the public charter school, as long as the public charter school's governing board retains authority over the oversight and management of the public charter school; A public charter school may not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, age, ancestry or national origin or on any other basis that would be unlawful if done by a noncharter public school.A public charter school may not charge tuition and may only charge such fees as may be imposed by other noncharter public schools in the State.

Graham was able to conclude her matter without any adverse impact to her case.Except as provided in this chapter and its charter contract, a public charter school is exempt from all statutes and rules applicable to a noncharter public school, a local school board or a school administrative unit.School administrative units may not interpret this paragraph as reducing their obligation to provide education for their residents.Except as provided in subparagraph (2), the commissioner may grant a public charter school a waiver of one or more requirements applicable to the public charter school upon receipt of an application from the public charter school that includes the basis for the waiver request and a plan to reduce reliance on waivers in subsequent years.A public charter school may submit an application for a waiver to the commissioner only upon receiving prior approval from the public charter school's authorizer of the same waiver request.Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that Christopher J. is reprimanded for his violations of Maine Bar Rules 3.1(a); and 3.6(a).

It is further ORDERED that the Board of Overseers of the Bar shall take no steps to initiate publication of this decision through any releases to the press.(3) Teachers who are employees of the public charter school may not be required to be members of any existing collective bargaining agreement between a school administrative unit and its employees.A public charter school may not interfere with civil service laws or other applicable rules protecting the rights of employees to organize and be free from discrimination.A public charter school may charge tuition to an out-of-state student admitted to the school on a space-available basis.A public charter school must have a plan that describes how the school will provide transportation for its students who reside in the school's catchment area and what assistance, if any, it will provide to meet the transportation needs of its students who reside outside the catchment area of the school.Public charter schools are subject to the same civil rights and health and safety requirements applicable to other noncharter public schools in the State, except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter.

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