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Evernote’s ability to search for text within images is a popular feature.

The system is queue-based, meaning the submitted image takes its place in line and will be processed after all other images ahead of it in the queue.The OCR engine uses the selected language to interpret the scanned text.Selecting the correct language improves the accuracy of the conversion, as the OCR engine uses language-specific dictionaries for conversion.For non-Latin languages like Japanese, the OCR engine cannot interpret and convert the text unless you've selected the appropriate language.The function is considerably rich with (preparing about the same period with i Phone), rich file format in a function (function such as Evernote) that the Google drive scans the character string in the image in OCR as well as the same period and searches, strong file search feature, the cooperation with other services of Google, the same period with the android.Users can control which language is used when indexing their data by changing the Recognition Language setting in their account’s Personal Settings.

Adobe Export PDF supports optical character recognition, or OCR, when you convert a PDF file to Word (and .docx), Excel (.xlsx), or RTF (rich text format).

(For example, Adobe Export PDF performs OCR on PDF files created from scanned documents.) Adobe Export PDF also performs OCR on text that it can't interpret because the text was encoded incorrectly in the source application.

By default, OCR uses the language selected in the My Information dialog box.

When a note is sent to Evernote (via synchronization), any included in the note that match the MIME types for PNG, JPG or GIF are sent to a different set of servers whose sole job is performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the supplied image and report back with whatever it finds.

These results are added to the note in the form of a hidden—that is, not visible when viewing the note—metadata attribute called ): a numeric value indicating the likelihood that the given match text is the same as the text in the image.

Currently, Evernote’s OCR system can index 28 typewritten languages and 11 handwritten languages.

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