Does updating iphone delete everything

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Does updating iphone delete everything

i Tunes will not delete contacts when updating your mobile device to the latest operating system.An i Phone update will lose contacts on your device.

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But what does this mean, what does ‘reset all settings’ do?With the update in mind, it's important you prepare yourself and your device to make the transition as smooth as possible.First, make sure your devices are capable of running i OS 7.In the past, there have been occurrences of the activation servers going down, leaving users with a device they can't use.If you try to update while at work or away from home only to find yourself in a similar situation, you won't be able to restore your device until later in the day when the servers are stabilized.Should anything go wrong, you'll be able to restore your device with the same settings and information currently stored on it.

The more recent the backup, the more recent the information capable of being restored will be.Many users have this problem, in general, you can backup and then if you lost contacts, you can recover by backup files.On Wednesday, Apple released a highly anticipated update to i OS devices: i OS 7.Tap and hold an app icon until it starts moving, then tap on the X icon to delete.If you do end up needing the app in the future, simply redownload it from the App Store.After pruning up your installed apps, launch the App Store and ensure that the remaining apps are up-to-date.

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