Dog walkers dating

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The meeting is an initiative of promotion of the tratturis denominated "On the Paths of the Tratturis" They numer of our dogs present on the various part of the world is increased.Senta is a first female of our Abruzzese shepherd dogs in Usa and become a symbol of our region.

There were many deaths and a lot of people lost everything they owned.There are many shepherds who, besides losing their houses, lost all their flock.Here, the farm withstood the shaking, and although it suffered some damage, it still stands.If you want to participate look the program in the forum or click here The video and the photos of the old excursion are available clicking here We remember you that for the groups it is possible to repeat the excursions in other dates and escorted by the dogs (excluded those more binding) that they will accompany you in these expensive places to shepherds Abruzzesi's memory.We are waiting other pups from the same father available for November / December 2008.This video is my answer to whomever asks me about our dogs: A group of children of the ACLIs has come to make visit to our dogs.

The dogs have appreciated a lot the visit and the children have been able to understand that the Shepherds Abruzzesi, those true, are not dangerous dogs for the tourists and that they can develop well their job without particular bothers for the man.two Abruzzese Shepherd puppies were chosen by the musician Michael Sembello to protect his house.Iy is a tribute to Michael and his wife Lisa have wanted to make their Italian heritage.Even Disney has finally decided to use even some abruzzesi puppies as protagonists of the Christmas movies will be shown in all the complete article in the photo above Michael Sembello proudly shows her two new puppies breeding of Marco Petrella.Below the trailer instead of the movie "The Search for Santa Paws".