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In addition to all of these activities, Dean was also a very accomplished photographer, lending his talent for this to various publications and associations over the years.Another of Deans icons are the world recognized “Moon Eyes”, first introduced to the world in the mid 1950’s, but the lasting image was refined by artist working at the Disney Studios in 1957 and is what is seen today.

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After the HURST Hemi Under Glass, in 1966 Bill put together a program with the Los Angeles/Orange County, CA, Dodge Dealers Association. Barris was the builder of the famed Batmobile, which he often displayed at various venues. DART to a rear engine blown Keith Black Aluminum Super Charged Hemi with a Lenco two-speed transmission, which added the distance and speed so the car could stay up on two wheels. He built a blown 426 Keith Black Hemi powered 1929 Ford panel delivery wagon, which he exhibited throughout the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, New Zealand and Australia until his retirement in 1988 which insured his place in the history books forever.Having been reared in Southern California in the ‘40s and ‘50s, the pair was exposed to the “hot rod” culture at an early age and it became an integral part of their daily lives.Jeep bought his first car, a 1935 Ford, early into his high school years, but finances being what they were, it remained stock for as long as he owned it. After their graduation from high school in 1946, the brothers went from being spectators to participants with Ronnie supplying a 1934 Ford sedan and Jeep providing a highly modified flathead V8 for power.Bill started his racing career in 1960 at Dragway 42 located in West Salem, Ohio.Shortly after that he moved to California to drive cars for Mickey Thompson, the first being one of the six factory-built 421 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Coupes.While building the world famous MOON Equipment Company occupied much of his time, Dean never left the racing side of the sport.

In 1961 he commissioned Dragmaster to build a Top Gas Dragster chassis that he installed a Chevy V8 engine in for power, named it Moon Eyes and proceeded to win the Indianapolis A/FD Top Fuel Championship that year.George asked Bill to drive and exhibit the Batmobile at dragstrips and circle tracks all over the United States, an assignment Bill found to be both fun and rewarding when he saw how much the kids enjoyed it. Always the showman, Bill never turned down a decent appearance opportunity, nor the opportunity to sign autographs for the fans and remains still today as one of the legendary ambassadors of the sport doing keynote speaking at car club meets, and maintaining an advisor relationship with the NHRA Dean Moon was bitten by the ‘car bug’ at a very early age and began planning his future while still in high school, but unlike a lot of the young enthusiasts of the era, Dean didn’t just want to go quick and fast, he wanted to design, make and sell specialty performance parts.Growing up in the Southern California community of Whittier during the 1940’s, put Dean in the very heart of the booming hot rod movement.Dean was very instrumental in putting together the first United States Drag Team that toured England, parts of Europe and even landed in Australia in 1963.His Devin bodied Moonbeam was a class record setter at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1964 recording a speed of 206 MPH.George’s plan was to get the HURST name in front of the racing world with the Barracuda and with Bill as its driver.