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You’ll want them to focus on proper form and accuracy at short distances, and FPS does not matter much in these scenarios.

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The Valley is also very wide and forgiving of forward “creeping” of the string.

Overall, the draw cycle on this bow is perfect for its purposes: being forgiving for beginner and intermediate archers who’s main focus should be proper form, rather than trying to solve problems with or adapt to a rough draw cycle.

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Diamond bows are made by Bowtech, one of the finest compound bow manufacturers in the world.

Just take the Infinite Edge to a bow shop and they’ll fix you right up.

Here is a typical scenario: The IBO speed rating of this bow is 310 FPS.

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All IBO ratings assume a setting of 70 draw weight, 30 draw length, and 350 grain arrows.

The lower your settings and/or the heavier the arrow, the lower the FPS will be.

As far as youth and children go, this compound is only rivaled by the Bear Archery Apprentice 2.

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