Elizabeth gillies and eric nelsen dating

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Elizabeth gillies and eric nelsen dating

"Ok so Victoria is the star, Leon plays her best friend, Mathew and Ari's characters are going date but not for a couple of seasons, Ari and I play best friends, oh and Avan plays my boyfriend" I told him. You think I was all jealous in 13 when you had to kiss Aaron! "I'm really going to miss you and I won't leave you not for Avan not for anyone" then we kissed.6 months later Eric's Pov My career was going nowhere. See I was on a Date with Liz we went to a movie and we were on our way to get the tickets. And even though the only episode of victorious that had aired was the pilot.

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| AS ANDRE HARRIS, MATT BENETT AS ROBBIE SHAPIRO, ARIANA GRANDE AS CAT VALENTINE, ELIZABETH GILLIES AS JADE WEST, AVAN JOGIA AS BECK OLIVER, DANIELLA MONET AS TRINA VEGA. ARIANA'S EX-BOYFRIEND AND MINE ARE GOING TO GUEST STAR IN THE TV SHOW WE WORK IN!? Suddenly my phone rang, it was Liz and I answered it."Hey Liz, what's up? ""Yep, This is why I called you.""Well, what are going to do? I mean your dating Avan and I'm dating Jai""I don't know, but I'll meet you at rehearsals at my dressing room""Duh"Liz chuckled"Bye""Bye"I hanged up. " She squealed"Come in" She came in and took a seat"Soooooo, what are going to do? ""Hi"Avan and Matt were coming up to me."Hey" Avan said then kissed my cheek."Hey, Avan, Matt"Hey""Ok, everyone settle down" Dan said The cast sat down."Ok, everybody I'd like to meet my good friend Eric Nelsen and his friend Graham Phillips!

"Oh for me to get a big job" I said.2 weeks later Liz's Pov I was on my way to Eric's I had butterflies in my stomach.

"I have to go" I said and ran out I looked behind me a tear ran down Eric's face. I'm going to update my stories Fearless and mine, I've missed you, Never have I ever, and their back!

Being so popular, she hasn't been a part of any controversial issues till date.

We can stay connected and know her better simply by following her on Twitter @Liz Gillies.

" "Wow thanks for noticing" "you know what I mean" he gave me a hug.

" "Aaron is a DUDE" "So is Avan" "but you're a girl! I didn't have to get any for Liz since she can't eat popcorn. Elizabeth Egan Gillies is an actress, singer and songwriter, noted for her portrayal as Jade West on Victorious.She began her acting career at age of 12, appearing in ads and commercials for companies such as Virgin Mobile. "no I'm mad but I'm really glad you told me this way I mean you flew all the way from California" he said. Sorry want 1000 words in this chapter so now I have it yay! So on with the story A year later Liz's Pov"ERIC ERIC ERIC!