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It also has some pretty sweet tunes in from some kinda known bands. And now I have to keep on writing to take up ten lines.

As a result, von Detten was heavily involved in some of the show's main storylines, despite only being 10 years old at the time.

JT will forever be on the top of a lot of people’s love lists, for obvious reasons.

He's a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, husband and father. From his full-on denim red carpet looks to his films and tours in recent years, JT still wears the crown.

I mean, who doesn’t want the guy who will always go the extra mile? In "Saved by the Bell," he was the guy all the girls wanted, and all the guys wanted to be. You know those people that everything just kind of falls into place perfectly for?

That’s what Gosselaar’s life looks like, even in real life today.

So, if we were to include any non-’90s teenagers in here, it has to be him.

There’s no shame in fantasizing about older guys, especially if it's John Stamos.Today, although he's grown up, he still has that devious look in his eyes that some of us ladies will never get over.Yes, he was the elder of the bunch, but once Nicky and Alex were born in "Full House," John Stamos set the ideal “DILF” expectations for us all.With him as your favorite, you want the whole intense, passionate package and won't settle for anything less.While Will Smith has grown out of his Fresh Prince days, in the '90s he was known as the ultimate class clown in a good way. " days to "The Princess Diaries," this man will forever represent all things nostalgia related. They look to date someone who isn’t afraid to let his inner-teenager shine.Guys like Will Smith have a heart of gold and will do anything to make his lady laugh. If you watched "I’ll Be Home For Christmas," you’ve watched JTT run square across the country in a Santa Claus suit just to get the girl.

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    Revealing a little flesh in your photos (a little bit of cleavage or a shoulder for example) can work for you – but showing too much can work against you and attract the wrong sort of attention. It's easy when you really want to find a man and you find someone who seems to fit the bill, to want to move things to the next level very quickly. It's okay to be messaging more than one man at the same time (it's not the same as dating different men at the same time). You want to find someone you connect with so it makes sense to see a variety of different men at once. After a few emails, arrange to speak on the phone (on a mobile rather than on your home number).