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– Meryl Davis/Charlie White (USA): Olympic silver medalist. 2010-12 Grand Prix Final champions; unbeaten in last two Grand Prix seasons.

man on the A team, which means he gets full funding. Stuck with coach Ingo Steuer while he was under scrutiny for past links to the Stasi. – Caydee Denney/John Coughlin (USA): The only pair on the U. A.'s hip clubs and restaurants, no catty exchanges in the media. They keep making out in front of Jeremy whenever the three of them are alone, but go back to hating each other whenever anyone else is around.And now they were both at Sochi, just like they planned to be (except not), and the fact that Johnny was here with him, in exactly the same situation he was, somehow seemed oddly comforting.(Nostalgic Swangoose fic. It does, however, mean there are two couples, and at least one misunderstanding. 6-9, Grand Prix Final, Sochi, Russia March 10-17, London, Ontario Qualifying For Grand Prix Final: A couple of skaters enter three of the six Grand Prix events, but most will enter two. The rest are selected by committee, based on recent performances in big events. 22, and you can get a discounted rate of .95 (down from .95). NBC also will have a lot of delayed coverage, including all the Grand Prix events, and the network will go live during the U. The folks at were kind enough to compile their schedule. – Mao Asada (Japan): Olympic silver medalist, two-time world champion (2008, 2010). championships and several other events — some live, some not, all on demand. If you’re lucky enough to get NBC affiliate Universal Sports, you’ll have more options to catch re-broadcasts. Like Alissa Czisny, she spins clockwise, a relative rarity in figure skating.

– Alissa Czisny (USA): 2010 Grand Prix Final champion, the last significant win by a U.

Between them and consistent Jeremy Abbott, can the U.

The USA continues to have a steady parade of World Junior medalists, including sweeps in 2007 (Caroline Zhang, Nagasu, Ashley Wagner) and 2008 (Flatt, Zhang, Nagasu). Then Agnes Zawadzki took over for 2010 silver and 2011 bronze, followed by Gracie Gold in 2012. The Four Continents Championship doesn’t have the strongest field, but the USA has managed several top-five finishes in the past five years, with Wagner winning last year.

Switched coaches and training bases, moving away from Frank Carroll, to cut down on commute and get a change of scenery.

– Caroline Zhang (USA): 2007 world junior champion, then 2nd the next two years.

After all that, she plans to skip the 2012 Grand Prix season.

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