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Penny reveals her feelings for Leonard when he visits her.

After becoming obsessed with a physics problem, Sheldon decides to take a menial job, comparing himself to Albert Einstein, who conceived his theory of relativity while working at the Swiss patent office.

Raj's research on trans-Neptunian objects comes to a dead end and he faces deportation to India unless he gets a new job. Howard bonds with Penny's friend Bernadette, over their respective relationships with their mothers.

Sheldon enters a collectible card game tournament, with Raj as his partner, to compete against his rival Wil Wheaton.

The Excelsior Scholarship is offered to students who will complete high school in May or June prior to enrolling into B-CU in the subsequent Fall Semester. Students must earn and maintain a 3.3 cumulative grade point average to renew this scholarship.

Awards may be renewed for a maximum of 2 years of study.

FIND OUT OUR ROOMS ► At the fifth floor of Grand Hotel Excelsior with a view on the most beautiful panorama of the city, on the Strait of Messina and on the seafront, the Galà Restaurant offers an excellent traditional Italian cooking and permits to taste the natural and genuine courses of the best regional and Mediterranean cooking.

With its exclusive and refined atmosphere, it is the ideal place for business breakfast, gala dinners and receptions. The panoramic terrace will win over you with the complicity of the sunsets on the Strait of Messina.After three successful dates, Howard reflects on the future of his relationship with Bernadette.A prank fight between Sheldon and Kripke begins when the latter severely embarrasses the former on National Public Radio's talk show Science Friday by filling Sheldon's office with helium, giving him a high-pitched voice.Refined and elegant, provided with a wide Meeting Room and an exclusive Roof Garden, Grand Hotel Excelsior represents the ideal solution both for a business travel and a romantic weekend of relax in the beautiful Calabrian city.Situated less than 7 kilometers from the airport, few steps from the sea and the historical city center where the main tourist attractions are concentrated, the hotel is ideal for the most demanding tourist and is an efficient headquarters for business travelers.Meanwhile, Raj feels left out when Leonard, Penny, Howard and Bernadette go on a double-date at a roller skating rink.

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