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Hello, I am new to this forum and have an interest in purchasing an oil field Fairbanks Morse 118 or 204. How does the performance of a 7 hp 118 compare to a modern high RPM small Briggs?I gather that the slow running FM engine has lots of torque and would imagine that the work of this 118 would probably be similar to the work output of a 15-20 hp Briggs.

Complete listing of every locomotive produced with date, purchaser and road number.

An international company founded in 1830, Fairbanks-Morse made engines, pumps, generators, home appliances and hundreds of other products, including radios (USA - Chicago), and television sets (Canada).

If any visitors have additional information on TVs by the Canadian branch of this company, please e-mail me.

While there were also other models of this design built none were as powerful as the Train Master, and it was truly years ahead of its time, which is perhaps why it was never successful.

The Train Master (or TM) was not only physically larger than all other diesel locomotives of the day, they were also built to haul!

Not only could Train Masters out accelerate any other design but they also had much more power.

At 2,400 horsepower the unit was the most powerful of its day and it would be nearly another decade before other builders would begin offering units with similar horsepower ratios.

Like nearly all of the Fairbanks-Morse locomotives (for many of the same reasons), sadly the Train Master was far too ahead of its time as railroads in the 1950s were not looking for locomotives with such power and ultimately only a little more than 100 units were ever sold.

With only marginal success with its diesel designs, complaints by some that its OP locomotive engines were troublesome to maintain and a market that was saturated with builders from (early on) Baldwin-Lima, EMD, Alco and later General Electric, Fairbanks-Morse decided to cut its losses and exit the locomotive market in 1958 after which time it again focused primarily on its marine and other engine designs.

While Fairbanks-Morse locomotives have not been built since 1958 it is interesting to wonder what the company may do in the future considering its past experience in the locomotive market.

While Fairbanks-Morse was not originally in the business of diesel locomotive manufacturing they were quite familiar with diesel engines.

The switcher line would be offered in several horsepower variations ranging from 1,000 hp up to 1,600 hp.

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