Fired event itemupdating which

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Fired event itemupdating which

Because even editing one item twice in short time could lead to conflicts if both events fire at the same time.

To avoid this, we can disable the event firing before updating the List Item on the Event Receiver.This is because in Dispose method of Event Receiver Manager I’ve enabled the event firing.As long as we are in to Share Point 2013 development, we would have come up with the Event Receivers.On the event receiver, we are trying to update some of the columns based on the entered column value.i.e., based on Column1, I am calculating the value for the Column2 and update the list item on the Event Receiver.I’ve create a custom class inherited from ‘SPEvent Receiver Base’.

From this base class I get a properties ‘Event Firing Enabled’ which allows me to control the event receiver firing.

I have an interesting question about event receivers. But as soon as item is saved, another or the same user can edit it, even before async event finished. Does Updated event fire after Added event is finished, or can they run simultaneusly?

Because it could cause conflicts, if second event runs before first finishes.

The following code snippet shows my custom Event Receiver Manager: The code snippet above is derived from Share Point’s SPEvent Receiver Base to use the ‘Event Fireing Enabled’ property.

Now you can use this Event Receiver Manager to control the event receiver.

To stop firing the event receiver on any changes, you need to wrap the code block inside Event Receiver Manager as shown below: As shown above even if he list has event receiver for Item Updated/Item Dating the event receiver will not get fired because of putting the code in Event Receiver Manager block.

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