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In an interview with Rolling Stone Jared reported that as a toddler he would climb onto the arm of the couch and unlock the door.

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Yet the Southern band played a huge part in putting together this weekend’s Music City Eats festival in their hometown of Nashville.

The couple welcomed a daughter, Dixie Pearl, in June 2012.

American singer and musician, the bass guitarist and backing vocalist in the rock band Kings of Leon that formed in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2000.

We were very involved with the local restaurant scene, and we kind of threw out some chef’s names that we wanted to be involved from around America. When I’m in New York — me and the wife live in New York, too — when I go to order in food and I see people’s reviews, I don’t understand how they could be so mean! Me and my cousin used to go hunting and camping or whatever, and we’d build a bonfire and we’d cook over the fire, so I was into it from an early age.

Me and Jonathan Waxman became friends about three or four years ago because I lived on Washington and West 12th and Barbuto was right there on Washington, and I ate there every day. But there are a couple of restaurants where it’s kind of quiet and they know what’s coming. We could just take her to Barbuto, but we’ve moved from that area now. So sometimes I’ll go for the food anyway, and I’m like, Yeah, I’ll give ‘em a shot. But people are like, “I will never eat there again!

Nathan reported to Music Radar that Jared had never picked up a bass, Matt had a few guitar lessons, and Caleb had never even picked up a guitar.

Nathan said that “boredom and stupidity” were the two things that first led to the band not musical passions. There’s a hidden photo of the members of Kings of Leon when they were children hidden in one of their album sleeves. It should not have been eaten, but my uncle made us eat it, so we did. I know you’re not supposed to eat pasta at the end of the night. Do you know 2 Chainz just came out with a cookbook of recipes to make on tour? If I had groceries I would probably just do, like, a simple pasta at the end of the night. I mean, I would love to create the next Patrón and ride off into the sunset.And you have a baby girl — do you and your wife take her out to restaurants? Yeah, we have a few little restaurants in Nashville that she can go to without making too big of a scene. This album will hopefully be a successful follow up to their last album . Kings of Leon have such crazy fans that they had to cut their tour short last year.

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