Francesca gregorini dating amber heard

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Just because she had a girlfriend it doesn't mean that she's only likes women.Tasya after has been her first girlfriend because Amber used to date men in past and now she came back to men and that's the real reason why her lesbian fans are disappointed because they wanted her to be only a lesbian when they don't have the right to get upset if she's not what they wanted her to be.

And again, Amber like older people because also Tasya was older than her and again, Tasya was the female version of Johnny Depp, so it's not that difficult to believe that Amber can really like him.

I don't see that relationship lasting much longer since I think she likes women more then men. I think the mods were too disappointed with her and that's why they shoot down the thread, as sort of vengance Because of all the bi actress in hetero relationships right now, Amber has been the most scandalous and also the most high profile (because she's dating like the biggest movie star on the planet) Amber Heard & Future Stepdaughter Lily-Rose Depp Laugh & Bond While Shopping (PHOTOS) I don't get why people make a big deal that Amber is dating Johnny Depp. She used to date Tasya that was 10 years older than her and let's face the truth for once, Tasya is very masculine and she remembers more a man than a woman, Tasya is the female version of Johnny Depp with her style and her love for hats, bracelets and tattoos, so Amber has a type: she likes older things with hats, bracelets, tattoos and masculine features.

Then I don't get why some people got upset as soon as they found out that Amber is indeed bisexual.

I mean, it's not her fault if some lesbian fans of her deluded themselves that since she was dating a woman she was only into women.

They deluded themselves that she wasn't attracted anymore by men even though she never stated such a thing. She just stated that she was in a relationship with a woman and that she didn't want to hide it but she never stated that she only liked women and when she learnt that she was labeled as a lesbian she herself made clear that she doesn't want to be labeled in a way or another because when it comes to love she's totally open and she also said many times that she can't imagine a mate based on a certain race or sex because she comes from a place where labels don't exist.

But again, it's not her fault if this happened.

People should understand better next time when a woman is really totally lesbian and when she's just bisexual.It looks like Amber Heard is beginning to go back to women, since it is being reported that Johnny Depp has agreed to have an open relationship if she only dates women and he is still the only person she loves.I don't see that relationship lasting much longer since I think she likes women more then men.I've done my research about how things have gone.It was her former boyfriend who helped her to take an audition for a model job in show business.And just because she's dating an older man it doesn't mean that her feelings can't be genuine because there are lots of women in the world who really like to date older man.