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Raymond is filled with overwhelming sexual tensions and frustrations.

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Raymond makes fumbling attempts to connect with a neighborhood girl (Carla Gallo), and his other "friends" are all drunk or stoned losers.Information will be provided within a reasonable time and at a cost that will not exceed that charged to persons without alternative communications needs.A critically acclaimed, outrageously offbeat look at growing up!"Controversial content" does not make this movie provocative or even, for that matter, especially interesting.Russell, however, does reveal himself as a cold, cruel, self-indulgent and manipulative film-maker.Constantly harassed by his domineering, traveling salesman father, Raymond struggles to deal with his mother's bed-ridden anxieties and his first, stumbling attempts to romance the naive girl next door. It's not one of those movies that you watch over and over again, but definitely a funny B-movie. The house isnt much they dont seem to be too wealthy.

My husband and I have a lot of inside jokes about this movie because it's so far out there! He has to rub his mothers legs to keep them stimulated,at the same time going through a late puberty stage.

I first saw scenes from "Spanking The Monkey" on You Tube.

Then, I heard that You Tube was removing this movie due to "controversial content." Well, nothing sells a movie like controversy.

Raymond is forced to give up his summer internship at medical school and, instead, care for his temporarily disabled mother (Alberta Watson). Raymond is an instantly sympathetic protagonist; possibly because everyone else around him is so horrible.

His domineering dad (Benjamin Hendrickson) is a traveling salseman who engages in extra-marital affairs on the road.

Instead, it definitely is a coming of rage tragedy. There are more scenes of suicide attempts and domestic assaults. You just hope Raymond will escape his toxic environment.

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