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In 1645 Charles I ordered the castle to be made uninhabitable as Parliamentary forces approached.It was then used as a quarry for local buildings until appreciation of castles became more fashionable.

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Enough of the castle remains to imagine that it must have been a formidable fortress.The quality of life here and the inspiration are almost magical!Real Estate on Paros & Antiparos is a good value for pleasure or investment.King John visited the castle in 1215 when it was in royal hands.The castle was at its most splendid in the 13th and 14th centuries, when a huge amount building work was undertaken - the most prominent features that remain from this period are the towers in the western corner of the castle.As peace returned to this turbulent border area only a constable and a small garrison would have been left in occupation.

Since the early 15th century no Lords of Abergavenny have lived at the castle.The only remains of the original castle are the motte, on which the museum stands, and a length of Norman bank discovered under the east tower in 1990.Control of the castle passed back and forth during years of turmoil as the Welsh Marches changed hands in the 12th century between the English and Welsh forces.Are you planning what to do during your vacation on Paros & Antiparos?Are you looking for lessons and workshops throughout the year?It's home of the “Festival at the Park”, a summer cultural, sports, and environmental festivities. We also create beautiful websites for all sorts of activities.