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Questions were answered on the fly, sometimes even by themselves, e.g.

And their work was to developing out an initial Product Backlog, brochure exercise was used.Kane’s CSM seems like a huge 59-mins Scrum simulation game.He encapsulated the course into 2 sprints simulation, with all necessary pieces of knowledge illustrated when corresponding questions appear.Introduced DONE since some user stories were rejected by Product Owner in last sprint.And also explained that sacrificing DONE will accumulate your Technical Debt which slows you down in the future. Very nice that Kane indicated the harm of comparing velocity in his material, since so many organizations made this mistake and can’t get out there.2nd day was simple, finished the 2nd Sprint, then the rest of the training would use their own exercise data as examples.

Two teams shared their retrospection results of last sprint, this triggered a fierce discussion too, which is very good.

Then we went through those roles and release planning, and scaling.

I was asked to help the Chinese part if people don’t understand Kane, but glad that Kane let me to take several modules of his training, even this is the first time we met ;-) Faint, my memory is so bad, I forgot what are those parts I took.

He spended very short time in introducing “What is Scrum?

”, and the reason is Scrum framework itself is very very simple, the most difficult part is adopting it and adjusting.

The the rest of 2 days training was leading them through the Scrum Adoptation journey.