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Therefore while the availability of this information online can benefit certain young people, it is imperative that the state acts imminently and effectively to implement CSE in and out of schools that has the potential to reach a greater number of young people, especially given Sri Lanka’s favorable education indicators.An internet search in English, Sinhala and Tamil using queries around sexuality education (how to have safe sex, emergency contraception, homosexuality, etc.) shows dismal results when it comes to Happy Life and Road to Adulthood (the latter not being an open site makes it harder to be visible).

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Internet Access and Right to Privacy It is imperative that the propagation of online sexuality education platforms is interrogated in terms of access to the internet, especially for women and girls.So far so good but a closer examination of the content in the two sites brings up questions about how the government is managing resources and the level of coordination between various state institutions.While Road to Adulthood claims to be a CSE website, contains a self-learning component with quizzes, and covers topics such as gender and sexuality, reproductive health, contraception, STIs, HIV and AIDS and drug abuse, Happy Life covers these same topics more deeply and offers a much wider scope of content which includes abortion and post-abortion care, gender-based violence, types of counseling, and various methods of connecting with doctors and counselors such as telephone, SMS, email, online chatting and video conferencing.The latest such platform is being promoted as “Sri Lanka’s first self-learning comprehensive sexuality education website”.The availability of accurate information on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is never a bad thing but it is time we take a more critical look at these platforms in the context of state obligation to provide access to SRH information to young people, management of resources for CSE, lack of cohesion in sex education programming, access to the Internet (especially for girls), and privacy and protection of user data.The country has a National School and Adolescent Health Programme.

The low level of SRH knowledge, the incidence of adolescent pregnancy (5.3% of registered pregnancies) and various other factors such as high levels of stigma and discrimination around HIV and incidence of gender-based violence and attitude towards women show that implementation of the programme is less than satisfactory.

It is also interesting that although the scope of content and learning is very limited compared to a site like Happy Life, the completion of self-learning on Road to Adulthood qualifies users for a certificate endorsed by UNFPA Sri Lanka and the University Grants Commission.

Happy Life does not require signing up and the information is freely available for anyone interested.

This comparison throws up several observations and questions that are framed under three areas below.

State Obligation Sri Lanka has signed and ratified several international human rights treaties that have established state obligations to provide sexuality education to young people, in and out of school.

Let alone the first page of search results, these sites don’t come up even beyond five pages.