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The offender can be imposed fine and can also be punished otherwise.

If someone is found in possession of alcohol in Saudi Arabia, he will be given high fiscal punishment and will also be imprisoned for quite a long time.Saudi law makes it clear that purchase and use of illegal cheap calling cards is a crime.These unauthorized voice calls violate Saudi law and can result in a severe punishment.It is also important to mention here that VPN service is also banned in Saudi Arabia.Money Laundering: Many expatriates living in Saudi Arabia send money on behalf of other expatriates who are their friends or relatives.Ignorance of the law is no excuse, therefore, expatriates living in Saudi Arabia must know the laws of the land.

Here we are going to write about the laws commonly violated by the expats in Saudi Arabia.

Illegal Employment: This offense covers the scope of both the employing of someone staying on illegal documents and personally working while using someone else’s documents. Up to now, more than 1 million expatriates have been deported because of this crime.

Illegal employment includes working on Azad Visa, working for someone other than Kafeel, working on dependent’s visa, and working on Umrah or Visit Visa.

Someone may think that no one is watching him doing littering but the matter of fact is that it is not unseen.

Jaywalk: Crossing a road through an unspecified point is jaywalk and is an offense under the Saudi law.

We have detailed the laws related to alcohol drinking in detail in this link.