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He said I must admit myself the next morning to Mass General in Boston for a very serious condition that showed up on my testing.

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I couldn't believe my ears I had to do something !!!!Standing side by side over me both my wife and he were smiling at me. She had found out about my many affairs long ago, but never really knew what do.She had loved me for so long and still wanted to somehow be with me but PUNISH me for this in a way that was fitting.Hanging up the phone, I told my wife what her brother had said.She seemed very concerned but said I was in good hands and everything would turn out fine.We were a consolidator of freight the largest in the North East used to get kidded by the hundreds of truckers who came in and out every day that how did such a scrawny guy (I was only 5` 5" tall and weighed about 135 lbs) have such a fox for a wife.

In reality it was simple ,no not my money, as much as she just totally loved everything about me-wit,charm,funny, warm and very romantic. I went in for my usual check-up with my doctor (which was her brother).All she would say was "I've already read through all of this Hon don` t you trust me like I have always trusted you "I was brought up to a private room on one of the floors and issued a hospital gown to get into.My wife gathered up all of my clothes and put them in a suitcase she had brought.Before I had a chance to ask him about my condition he forced me get into the bed and put a hypo needle into my arm.Immediately I tried to talk but felt very woozy and tired and was only able to say "Whaaaaattts haaaappening Heeeerrreee".And for the last year you were so nice to listen to my requests that I was always so turned on by the Steven Segal look and to not cut your hair.

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    "We were all on the same page with that - the writers and Aldis and I," Riesgraf says.