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At first I turned a blind eye because I didn’t know what else to do.

“He did it on the family computer and occasionally forgot to wipe the history of sites he’d been on.Only 43% of parents knew if their child had watched porn and 66% parents knew the laws surrounding watching pornography.Most young people in the UK now have access to the Internet.They might also feel it is a way of learning about sex without having to ask awkward or uncomfortable questions to an adult.Before internet access became commonplace, the average age that boys first saw porn was 11.It’s estimated that 87% of 6-10 year olds and 95% of those aged 15-17 are regularly online, and a report by Parent Channel TV says more than over half (57%) of young people aged 9-19 have already seen internet pornographic images.

Finding porn online is easy with free porn sites that do not require credit cards.Some people claim there’s no difference between sexual images on the net and looking at soft porn magazines – which have been around for generations.Sex addiction expert Paula Hall says that watching fast-moving sexual images online “can lead to a trance-like state and can certainly become addictive – in that sense paper porn is safer than online porn.The Home Office report adds that online porn is increasingly dominated by themes of aggression, power and control.Our recent survey on teen issues found that 81% of parents surveyed, felt that it is harmful for young people to watch pornography.It leads to unrealistic and exaggerated expectations of sex, body image and relationships.